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when the news continues, so how does america heal after such a polarizing election? next we'll tuck to a political -- talk to a political analyst to finds out -- find out. >>> president obama came out the winner last night but it was the most divisive national campaign in memory. that's one of the headlines from rollcall.com. so what can the president do to unite the country? with me now with some analysis is roll call's jonathan strong. jonathan, thank you for being here with us i know you haven't had that much sleep. you were at one of the parties last night and you said overall the democrats were happy but there's a caveat to that. they weren't completely happy. why not? >> right. they did very well in the senate. unbelievably well in the senate. president obama won re-election pretty handily when some people thought it would be close. but in the house, they did not ping up very -- pick up very many seats. somewhere between six and eight seats, they needed 25 to take control to have came which are and a difficult cob -- chamber in 2014. so there was a little bit of undercurrent o
will address the fiscal deadline facing america. and congress says if they do not reach an agreement by january 1 on spending, the u.s. could fall into a recession. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: today, president obama will urge lawmakers to work with him to steer the country away from the fiscal cliff. the cliff is a series of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts that will kick in at the end of the year, unless republicans and democrats can reach a deal. both sides say they are willing to work together. >> we're not going over the cliff. we're determined not to go over the cliff. i think better heads will prevail. >> reporter: a fight over taxes is already looming. democratics want families making more than $250,000 a year to pay more. republicans reject that idea. they want cuts to entitlement programs and are pushing tax reform that closes loopholes and eliminates some deductions. >> this is an opportunity for the president to lead. this is his moment. to engage the congress and work towards a solution ha can pass both chambers. >> reporter: since the election, both the president and
for this friday. joining me now is johnny booker, the executive director of reemploying america. jobs always a good story. how can people find these coming up this week, right? >> coming up on friday. at the washington convention center. we will be holding a career fair, reemploying america. >> people need to bring what on friday? >> their resumes, their best presentation about their experience, and to bring excitement about meeting one on one a lot of sponsors who have real jobs, who they will be able to converse with about. >> practice that pitch in the mirror and get ready and polish yourself up. there are some pretty big name sponsors coming up here that are looking to hire some people. which ones? >> american express, the coke cola company, general motors. we have d.c. water. we have several hospitals, sibley and others. and we are really -- we've impressed upon these sponsors to please have real oprtunities so people can begin the process of assuring they will get a job. >> you don't want people walking through the motions and not getting the job. >> no. >> the communities you're tryin
. allison for cbs news, staten island, new york. >>> america online is coming to the aid of residents devastated by hurricane sandy. volunteers loaded up a tractor trailer full of relief supplies in dulles. water, batteries, diapers and other essentials are on their way to some of the communities hardest hit by the storm . >> the support for this initiative has been spectacular. local businesses have, as well the wal-mart, the big lots local here in sterling. we got ahold of our shopping list last night and actually gave us 10 and 20% off of all the items that we were purchasing. >> the volunteers intend to distribute the relief supplies in new jersey and long island over the next couple of days. >>> in the meantime, you have been donating a lot of your money to the red cross, after sandy. the agency received nearly $35 million through early friday morning. while the initial outpouring has been strong, the destruction has been huge. and the red cross still needs your help. and helping doesn't get much easier than this. by visiting our facebook page, for everyone who likes wusa 9, we w
romney is looking at america through the 47% prism. >>> shots rang out as the fbi swat teamed served a warrant in the 6700 block of kipling parkway. gunfire erupted around 6:30 this morning. the fbi says that no one was hit. they're also not saying who fired the shots. one woman was transported for a minor injury that was unrelated to the shooting and has since been released. the fbi will not say what the search warrant was for. >>> someone stole mike shanahan's passport and also some money. this happened two weeks ago while the redskins were in pittsburgh playing the steelers. there's no word on how much money was taken. the money and passport was stolen from shanahan's locker at the heinz field. >>> three people were killed after hamas fired rockets into israel. they are the latest fatalities of the latest e conflict to hit the coastal region. five others were injured in that attack. >>> president obama is visiting new york city today. he's getting an update from local officials on superstorm sandy's recovery efforts and the cities most outer burro. randall pinkston talked to state
a sign that reads -- quote closed to mourn the loss of america that our forefathers endowed to us. end quote. while some agree with the store owner that he has a right to express his opinion, others say the move upset them and they are no longer going to do business with him. the newseum is already gearing up for the inauguration. yesterday they lined the entrance every day with the front pages from newspapers across the country all proclaiming the president of getting re-elected. and since the inaugural parade passes by the building on pennsylvania avenue the newseum is offering up a special inauguration day viewing package for $100 visitors can view the inauguration on a giant screen and they'll also have a warm place to watch the parade. tickets go on sale today for newseum members and then next thursday to the general public. >>> still ahead on the news at noon, ever wonder why and how storms get their name this is we'll explain that there's a secret -- names? we'll explain that there's a secret behind the weather name game. more on that when we come back. >>> welcome back. now bac
to tell you about because the scouts of america have banned together to help the hungry in the metropolitan washington area, d.c., maryland and virginia and wusa is a sponsor of the program. the program is called scouting for food. so tell me exactly how the campaign works. >> of course. this weekend, saturday, november 3rd, boy scouts throughout the area will fan out in neighborhoods passing out flyers and plastic bags, asking homeowners to leave some food the following weekend on their doorsteps, and then the following weekend the boy scouts will return to those neighborhoods, collect the food and take them to central location points. in the district of colombia, that is just about every safeway store in the district of colombia. there are some safeway stores and other collection points as well in maryland and virginia. >> so if you do not have a bag at your door, because we don't have enough boy scouts to go to every door, you can go to a safeway safeway store? >> that's correct. in the safeway stores, they're also offering an opportunity for patrons to purchase prepa
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7